Learn About The Belfast Warming Center

The Center will be open officially at Troy Howard Middle School between 2 and 6 p.m. on days deemed by city Emergency Management personnel. During that time residents will be welcome to visit for warmth, comfort, information, electronics charging and to share a community meal.

Volunteers are needed to assist with cooking and serving a meal, welcoming everyone with warmth of spirit, participating in music and games, homework help, clean-up, communicating and providing information related to the disaster services and needs on a community bulletin board.

The Warming Center was established based on the recognition that, without power in freezing weather, residents might not have access to drinking water, cooked food, warmth, functioning bathrooms and showers or lighting. Residents also might not have access to such information as the status of the storm, repairs to the power grid, what services and assistance are being provided, available overnight sheltering, and general news of the event happenings.

To learn more visit the Belfast Warming Centers Facebook Page


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