In 2021 Our Town Belfast accomplished a lot of work supporting our mission to grow and sustain a vibrant and thriving downtown. Of course, more work is to be done, and we could highlight much more, but we chose fourteen significant accomplishments. These accomplishments transcend the four-point approach, including Promotion, Design, Organization, and Economic Vitality.


2020, was to be a year of celebration. Our Town Belfast turns 10, the State of Maine celebrates its bicentennial, we were working on a whole host of activities to celebrate both. Additionally, we were working on other events and activities designed to support downtown like Restaurant Week, Sidewalk Sale, and coordinating advertising to produce the pocket map. Like many of you, we were forced to pivot our operations.

Despite the challenges and disruption brought to our downtown due to COVID-19 Our Town Belfast survived and even thrived. The investments made over the last ten year by the City of Belfast, our partners, and members of our community have positioned OTB to be in a place of strength despite the pandemic. 

Our 2019 year-end report outlined several high-level goals for 2020. As you read through this report you’ll see where OTB has met and exceeded many of these goals.


The 2019 Annual Meeting featured Belfast City Manager Joe Slocum speaking about where Belfast has come during his tenure and where it was going. It was also an opportunity for Our Town Belfast’s Executive Director Zach Schmesser to review accomplishments over the past year.

Major accomplishments include a 57% increase in business support, a 22% increase in newsletter subscription, and the hiring of a new Marketing & Events Coordinator, who will help share the success stories of the organization and downtown Belfast.

Zach also discussed how Our Town Belfast has shifted efforts to include more promotional opportunities and an increase in economic development work in our downtown. Increasing community engagement was also highlighted as a critical tool to help steer the work we do with our four committees: Economic Vitality, Design, Promotions, and Organization.

The evening also served as an opportunity to recognize our 2018 Volunteer of the Year, Deb Murphy at the meeting. Thank you Deb for your many years of volunteerism to our events and programs and your deep commitment to our community!

If you’re interested in becoming involved in a committee, please email or call us! info@ourtownbelfast.org and 218-1158

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