Belfast Celebrates Maine's Bicentennial

“View of Belfast” 1877
A copper plate lithograph by J. H. Bufford’s Sons, Lithographers, Bostonwhich was commissioned by Joseph Williamson as the fold-out frontispiece for his book, History of the City of Belfast in the State of Maine: From Its First Settlement in 1770 to 1875, volume one.

George Dunbar, Steeple Jack, Belfast, ca. 1920, postcard by M.A. Cook
George Dunbar, Belfast’s steeple jack, atop the Waldo County Court House. You can see the bell in the cupola, both bell and cupola have been removed from the building. The building to the right of the Court House is City Hall. In the early 20th century, it was not uncommon to find Dunbar scaling the larger buildings in town, just for fun.
Belfast Historical Society
View of the corner of Main and Church Street in Belfast, ME circa 1904. This view shows the A.D. Chase sign painted on the side of his building. In 1909 City National Bank which had recently been reorganized from Belfast National Bank (located in the flat iron building across Main Street) purchased the A. D. Chase store to raze it and build a new bank which includes the old bank’s massive concrete & steel vault with William Swan as president and Clement Wescott as head cashier.
Jake Lawless Collection
Old Home Week, Belfast, Me. Circa 1901. View of Post Office Square looking down Main Street during Old Home Week, showing parade, spectators, carriages.
Jake Lawless Collection

High Street, Belfast, Me 13. Circa 1910.   High Street with the City Block, the Masonic Block, and the Windsor Hotel.
Eastern Illustrating & Publishing Co. Collection
Colonial Theater Circa 1935. The Colonial opened on the same day that R.M.S. Titanic departed Southampton on its fateful maiden voyage, April 10, 1912. It burned in a spectacular fire in 1923 and was rebuilt to its current incarnation.
Eastern Illustrating & Publishing Co. Collection
Maine Broiler Day,  Belfast, Maine 1949.  Belfast’s longest-running festival began in 1948 as Maine Broiler Day This photo is of the 1949 Broiler Day Festival Queen (second festival, first queen) Betty Perry. (name of chicken unknown).
Eastern Illustrating & Publishing Co. Collection
Circus on Main Street Circa 1900. View of a portion (one assumes) of a Circus parade in front of C. F. Thompson’s on Main Street in Belfast:  In this view is an Indian elephant. Following the elephant is a Bactrian (two-humped) camel.
Charles Coombs Collection
Pumping Station Little River, Belfast, Me 10a Circa 1915.  The dam and pump house were constructed in the late 1800s to provide a water supply for Belfast primarily for fire protection.
Eastern Illustrating & Publishing Co. Collection
Maine Broiler Day,  Belfast, Maine 1949. This photo is of one the barbecue pits fashioned of concrete blocks which were used to cook over 3000 lbs of chicken for the second festival in 1949. More than 2000 people flocked to the festival to sample “All you can eat for $1.00”.
Eastern Illustrating & Publishing Co. Collection

View Peirce’s Block located on Church Street across from the Opera House
 Circa 1895
Charles Coombs Collection, PMM ID LB2000.52.47
A truck piled with George’s Boys in front of City Job Print, prior to an outing to Mt. Katahdin. Circa 1935
Jake Lawless Collection PMM ID LB2009.11.64
Tramp or hobo chair with a young boy posing inside.. Circa 1925
Jake Lawless Collection PMM ID LB2009.11.105
Hayford Block at the intersection of Maine, Church and Beaver Streets. 1948
Easternillustrating & Publishing Co. Collection PMM ID LB2007.1.109560
Belfast Police Department circa 1940
Belfast Historical Society Collection
Winter scene on Lower Main Street looking down the hill towards the bay. Circa 1895
Charles Coombs Collection  PMM ID LB2000.52.57
Female employees of the Eastern Illustrating and Publishing Company are seen here posed on Bridge Street with company founder Herman Cassens’ Maxwell Briscoe.1914
Eastern Illustrating & Publishing Co. Collection PMM ID LB2007.1.109504
Steamer BELFAST approaching the steamboat wharf. She.operated on the Bangor to Boston run from 1909 to 1935
Eastern Illustrating & Publishing Co. Collection PMM ID LB2007.1.109731
Yachting party in Belfast Harbor. 1901
Charles Coombs Collection PMM ID LB2000.52.373
Watching a baptism in Belfast harbor adjacent to the Eastern Steamship Wharf at the foot of Commercial Street.
Charles Coombs Collection PMM ID LB2000.52.111


View of the ribs of the 4 masted schooner Pendleton Brothers (II) under construction in Belfast, Maine. 1902
Easternillustrating & Publishing Co. Collection PMM ID   LB2007.1.113591

The Pendleton Sisters (II) on launch day,  Tuesday, October 2, 1906. from the Pendleton Brother’s yard in Belfast. She was christened with roses by Miss Ettie B. Pendleton, one of the five sisters , for whom she was named.
Eastern Illustrating & Publishing Co. Collection PMM ID   LB2007.1.113588

The four masted schooner PENDLETON BROTHERS,on launch day, October 22, 1903 by the Pendleton Yard. 
Eastern Illustrating & Publishing Co. Collection PMM ID   LB2007.1.113594

Paid for by a grant from the Maine Bicentennial Commission and the City of Belfast.

Special thanks to the six property owners for allowing the display of banners on their properties.

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