“As Unique as Belfast”

Our Town Belfast applied for and was awarded a $5,000 Maine Community Foundation, Maine Expansion Arts Fund grant. The grant will be used to add artwork to five of the city’s downtown crosswalks, increasing visibility and safety while creating visual interest.

The project is inspired by previous related projects downtown. For many years the crosswalk from the Colonial Theatre to City hall has been painted with “movie stars”. In 2017 the Pedestrian, Biking and Hiking Committee (PBHC) installed painting of chicken feet in the two crosswalks from Main Street to Washington St.

Each crosswalk was selected based on the visibility and proximity to The Park on Main St. The Park on Main Street has been a project of the Our Town Belfast design committee with the goal of creating a space for community interaction in the heart of our downtown. In addition adding artwork to these existing crosswalks will allow the promotion of these artists and their artworks by capitalizing on the existing traffic via car, bike, and on foot.

Artists selected include: 

  • Annadeene Fowler – Belfast
  • Kristyne Sanderson – Belfast
  • Marcie Jan Bronstein – Belfast
  • Ashley Megquire – Belmont
  • Samantha Maheu – Searsmont

Artists will begin the installation of their art over the coming weeks with the goal to have all work completed prior to Memorial Day, depending on the weather. The schedule below is subject to change due to the weather.

Press Releases

May 6, 2021Artists Selected 

February 26, 2021Call for Artists

Crosswalk Locations

"As Unique as Belfast" submission guidelines:

Proposals will be evaluated by a committee utilizing the following guidelines.

(Once the selection committee makes its decisions, each project will be reviewed by the City of Belfast Public Works Director, Chief of Police, and City Council.)

  1. Designs will be created as a stencil. This will allow for easy touch up due to plowing/wear & tear
  2. Design & stencils will become the property of Our Town Belfast upon installation.
  3. A glow-in-the-dark element should be included.
  4. The design must reflect the theme “Unique as Belfast”
  5. The design should increase visibility and safety for pedestrians
  6. Designs should indicate the colors they would like to use, specify alternate colors as well (in-case there are any issues with obtaining colors), color options are below.
  7. Artist must reside in Waldo County
  8. Artist to include resume and/or background
  9. Our Town Belfast and the City of Belfast reserves the right to remove any submissions

                    Color Options:                      Must include glow in the dark color:


  • Submissions are due by Friday, March 26, 2021, at 5 pm. Submissions are now closed, thank you to everyone who submitted proposals.
  • Selected winners will be announced on Wednesday, April 22, 2021
  • The installation will be scheduled based on weather and could occur as early as the beginning of May 2021. (In Process)
  • Selected artists will receive half their stipend once the design is selected and the agreement is signed and the 2nd half upon completion of the installation.

Proposal Submission - CLOSED 3/27/2021

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