Downtown Vacancies in Belfast, ME

Your dream of owning a shop on (or off) Main Street in Belfast is just a phone call away from reality! Our Town Belfast has fielded several recent calls from area realtors and property owners looking to fill their vacancies downtown, and we’re here to pass that information along to you.

We’ve been tipped off to a ground-level opening on High St., around 1650 sqft. and appropriate for a retail space.
For more information call Archie Barnes at (207)322-1953.

If you’re looking for something smaller, a second-floor retail space (approx. 500 sqft.) on lower Main Street might fit the bill.
For more information call Karen Miles at (207)505-6316.

Across the way on lower Main are two additional vacancies: one basement and one ground-level.
For more information call…

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