Help Our Town Belfast decorate downtown by creating a “historical figure” scarecrow to be displayed along our streets. Once the scarecrows are placed, OTB invites everyone to view them on Saturday, October 22. And while you are downtown, please visit all of our downtown shops and restaurants, many of which will be offering their own in-store promotions. 

We will be adding more information on this event so check back often!


  • Decide who you will create – an artist, an inventor, a movie star, or a writer? Are there any historical superheroes? Let your imagination run wild!
  • Label your scarecrow with:
    • Name, phone number/email address.
    • Who is your historical figure?
    • Indicate if you want to take your scarecrow home or if OTB can dispose of it.
  • Drop your scarecrow off at the OTB office between Monday, October 10, and Friday, October 14 between 1:00 and 5:00 p.m. daily. If those times do not work, please contact Amanda at 207.218.1158 or
  • We will announce when the scarecrows are placed and add their locations to our website.
    • Visit downtown Saturday, October 22 to view your scarecrow and visit any (or all) of our great shops and restaurants. Many of whom will be offering up a sale or promotion that day.

Tips to make your scarecrow:

  • Framework – for support to keep your scarecrow upright.
    • Use old broom handles, dowels, branches, or fence posts.
    • Overall size should NOT BE MORE than 4″ high x 2″ wide.
    • Use wire, duct tape, zip-ties, nails, raffia, rope, etc. to create your framework.
  • Appearance – What will the body look like?
    • Use old pieces of clothing to stuff with straw or leaves.
    • Remember, the scarecrows will be outside and exposed to the elements. Please use materials that will withstand the elements and not add a lot of extra weight in case of rain.
    • Attach all accessories securely to the body so as not to blow off and create litter.
  • The all-important head – Give your scarecrow some life!
  • Use painted plastic plant pots, water bottles, stuffed burlap sacks, stuffed pillowcases, a broom, or an old football/basketball/soccer ball.
  • Draw or sew on a face or attach other objects that resemble eyes, a nose, and a mouth.