We truly believe visiting our shop should be an experience, not just a shopping trip.  We are happy to answer any questions, sample any of our cheeses, and find the perfect pairing for any wine, cured meat, fruit or whatever else you have in mind!

Unlike many stores that just put cheese on a shelf and sell it, we actually take the time to learn about and care for each of our cheeses.  You won't find vacuum wrapped chunks or old, stale pieces in our shop- everything is cut to order and wrapped in French-made cheese paper to ensure you are receiving the highest quality product.

We stock anywhere from 75 to 100 or more cheeses at any one time, from all around Maine, the US and Europe.  Our stock changes on a weekly basis, with cheeses coming and going with the seasons and our customer’s requests.

We also carry over 250 different labels of wine, focusing on unique & small, family run operations.  Our focus is on Old World wines from France, Spain & Italy- though we do carry a selection from other regions as well.

Our biggest decider in picking what products to carry is quality.  We want to be proud of the products we sell, and feel like each is something that we’d serve to our own friends and family.  We personally try every cheese, wine, chocolate and everything else in the shop- nothing goes on our shelves before we approved it.  As a result, we can not only be sure of the quality, but we can make suggestions based on real experience.

In addition to cheese and wine, we also carry a large selection of cured meats (Prosciutto di Parma, Speck, Pancetta, etc.), craft chocolate, crackers and spreads, and much more.

Location: 94 Main Street in Belfast, Maine.

Phone: (207) 218-7009

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