Aristotle said that all people by nature desire to know, and Aristotle, most people think, was pretty smart. As a resource to satisfy your desire to know, visit the Old Professor’s Bookshop in downtown Belfast, Maine. Here you will find books that address the BIG QUESTIONS: What is? and What matters?

“What is” is sorted into cosmology, astronomy, meteorology, geology, oceanography, physics, chemistry, biology, anthropology, and psychology; “what matters” into literature, poetry, art, music, philosophy, religion, mythology, sociology, political science, economics and law. These questions have been addressed in the works of geniuses (biographies of thinkers and creators) through the ages (history of ideas and art). All this has unfolded within an ever changing social context (history of kings and empires, nations and leaders, war and peace).

These are the main subjects of the books–new, used and rare–that the Old Professor’s Bookshop offers, including many foundational works. The bookshop has an unusually large selection by and about Darwin, evolution and the relation between science and religion. It also has a Wimshurst machine, which makes sparks.

Each week Old Professor’s Bookshop features a selection relevant to the time, such as books by and about famous people whose birthdays fall in that week.

Location: 99 Main Street, Belfast, Maine

Phone: (207) 338-2006

Hours: 10 am to 4 pm daily

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