We invite you to use the below Press Release Template as a guide for crafting your community press releases:


WHO: Organizer, any official partners (not sponsors)
WHAT: Full Name of Event
WHEN: Day, Date, Time
WHERE: Location
WHY: Brief description of event that would fit in a calendar listing


Belfast, ME – The first paragraph of your release should summarize the info above. It’s good to start with something like “(Name of your organization) invites the community to…” or “Organizers of the Such and Such Event invite” etc… Third person writing reads best for the purposes of a press release.

After introducing the event, spend the middle part of the press release going into details. What kind of activities does the event entail? Whose involved? Why is it important? Why would someone want to come? This is a good spot to include any relevant quotes.

In the end, restate the beginning and don’t forget to thank any partners or sponsors involved. Also, include a “For more information, call xxx.xxx.xxx or visit website.org” and any information regarding tickets/admission/registration.


NAME OF ATTACHED PHOTO: This is where you would put a caption describing any attached photos. Then, “Photo by So and So” or “Photo courtesy of Name of Organization.”

There may be multiple photos, in which case you’d do this multiple times. It’s important to label the photo as something related to the name you use to title the caption and credit.

NOTE: Save the press release with a clear such as, Name_of_Event _June_2016 so that it’s easily recognizable and searchable to those you’re forwarding it to.