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Maybe you want to enjoy a cup of coffee. Maybe you are tired and need to rest. Maybe you just want to people-watch. No matter what the reason is, it is important to be comfortable.

When the OTB Design Committee identified a need for additional seating throughout downtown, the idea of an iconic Adirondack chair was immediately discussed. However, the committee knew the traditional design would need to be reimagined to make it accessible for people with mobility issues. Working with local craftsman Doug Bell, the seat width and height were increased, the arm width increased, and the “dip” in the back of the seat was eliminated. The redesign has been tested by community members with various mobility issues; each of the testers had no problems getting in or out of the chairs.

Each chair has been hand-painted by local artists and individually sponsored by community members/businesses. Each chair has a plaque representing the sponsors and a plaque identifying the artist!

Do you enjoy the projects that Our Town Belfast offers to make downtown inviting and welcoming for everyone? Please consider making a donation so we can continue creating a cool, interactive, multi-generational community.

Thank you Viking Lumber and Front Street Shipyard for your support of this project with materials and machinery.

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