Our Town Belfast will be hosting the 9th Annual Our Town Belfast Street Party to take place on Monday, August 6, 2018, from 5:00 to 10:30. This is an agreement between Our Town Belfast and _________________________ (hereafter referred to as “Vendor”).  Vendor Types: (please check one)

For-profit business:

  • _____ Selling food, beverage, or goods – $100 payment will be due by July 21, 2017. *****If received after July 21, 2017, the fee will be $125.*****
  • _____ Fun Activity (Family & Kid Friendly) – $50 donation is requested if you are not selling any items.

Activity Description_________________________________________________________________



or Non-profit organization:

  • _____ Selling food, beverage, or goods – Contact Shannon Coombs at (207) 323-1456 or coombsfamily@gmail.com to negotiate a fee; the agreement is due by July 15, 2016.
  • _____ Fun Activity (Family & Kid Friendly) – No donation is requested, but a signed agreement is due by July 15, 2016. Activity Description ______________________________________________________



Our Town Belfast and Vendor parties both agree to the following terms:

  1. Setup: Vendors will be given access at 3:00 PM to their assigned location. You are expected to be completely set up by 4:45 PM. You will not be permitted to set up until payment is received.
  2. Vendors will disclose items and/or services to be vended on this form. Any undisclosed items or services must get written consent from Our Town Belfast prior to the Street Party.
    Items that will be sold: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. Cleanup: Vendor will have access to the location for up to one hour following the conclusion of the Street Party at 10:30 PM to dismantle and remove all items brought to the Street Party by Vendor. Vendor shall leave the location free from trash and in similar condition as it was in before the Vendor was there.
  4. Vendor agrees to hold Our Town Belfast free from any damages or claims that may develop in connection with participating in the Street Party. Do you need access to: _____ Electricity _____ Water

Utilities are very limited so get your agreement in early!

Business Name: ______________________________________ Business Phone: _________________________ Business Address: ___________________________________________________________________________ Primary Contact: ______________________________ Email: ________________________________________ Signature of Vendor: _____________________________________________Date:________________________

Any For-Profit Business that joins our Partners Program will receive free entry to the Street Party!