Rockabilly and classic Rock n’ Roll for the Ukulele: “Uke-a-billy” 

Go cat go!!! Rock and roll ukulele is not so much about technique as it is about an attitude. This workshop is about shedding inhibitions and letting your inner rock and roller out.    In this workshop, Stuart Fuchs adapts Rockabilly & Rock n’ Roll guitar styles adapted for Ukulele. You’ll play classic songs and learn the style of Rockabilly rhythm & lead playing in the styles of Carl Perkins, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Eddie Cochrane, The Beatles, Elvis, and more. Stuart orchestrates the group into a fun multi-part band.

 This workshop will teach you some killer rock n’ roll tricks for Ukulele including:
    •    songs by Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Carl Perkins, Eddie Cochrane, Elvis, The Beatles and more
    •    rock n rolls strums & different feels
    •    boogie woogie bass lines
    •    chord based fills & solos
    •    single note & double stop soloing (ala Chuck Berry)
    •    12 bar blues form & other common song structures used in Classic Rock n’ Roll
    •    stage presence and showmanship “tricks”

This workshop is open to beginners and up – some basic experience playing ukulele is recommended.