Supporting Our Downtown During Covid-19


Remember all the local businesses that you’ve asked over the years to donate to your clubs, teams, events and organizations?

Our downtown is unique because our businesses are small and locally owned. You know each business owner, your kids play sports together or you take a yoga class with them, you worship or as a volunteer with them. They are your neighbors, and this is what a small downtown community looks like

For every $100 spent at our locally owned business, $68 of that stays in our local community.

I know firsthand how seriously our business owners downtown take the guidelines they have been given by the State of Maine, and many have gone above and beyond the guidelines that were provided  for them. Many have multiple ways for you to support them, with new e-commerce sites, gift cards, curbside and more. 

Our Town Belfast has worked with these business owners to compile their operations in one document

Many of these business owners may never ask for anything, but if you’re able please consider supporting them during this unprecedented situation, after all when this is all over they are your neighbors. Please join me in continuing to support them.

Zach Schmesser

Executive Director

Our Town Belfast