Tiny Doors of Belfast

Belfast enjoys many visitors to its downtown, home to dining, shopping, parks, and walking trails that offer spots to enjoy the beauty of Belfast Bay. Have you seen Stuart Little in Belfast?

Stuart Little, the one and only two-inch-tall talking mouse boy, was created by beloved Maine author E.B. White in 1945.

On a glorious summer day, a local resident sat on a bench down by the water. “I saw the most incredible thing,” she said. “I was so excited to see Little Family with Stuart Little walking alongside them. I was immediately inspired to make entrances to accommodate Stuart’s small stature so that he could visit Belfast alone in his tiny birch bark canoe, ‘Summer Memories,’ anytime he wanted to.”

You might not get to see Stuart while you are here, but you will know if he is in town by heading down to the water and looking for his tiny birchbark canoe tied to his dock. Be kind to Stuart Little, he wants to enjoy the beauty and bounty of Belfast, just like you do. You never know where you might see him….

Please use the hashtag #belfasttinydoors to share your pictures of the tiny doors. Enjoy your visit to Belfast.

Artists creating doors include:

Sally Brophy (The Old Professor’s Bookshop) @localcolorgallerymaine
Valerie Scourer Christle (Belfast Fiberarts), 
Kathy Feyler (City Drawers), 
Bonnie Irwin, (Heavenly Yarns) 
Pegi Miller (Brambles), www.himesmillerdesign.com
Tiffany Nemec (Archangel Computers and Man On Main), 
Anne-Marie Nolin (Left Bank Books, CG Bikes/Downshift Coffee, Northwoods Gourmet Girl, People Places Things, and The Back and Forth), 
Amy Tingle (Fiddlehead Artisan Supply) @tingle @creativitycaravan
Craig Watson (Epoch), and 
Heather Wilson (Eat More Cheese, All About Games, Out on a Whimsey, The Chocolate Drop, The Good Table, Vinolio, Stuart Little’s Garden, and Stuart Little’s Dock and Boat) @owenandolive


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