Trilly, not quite a meal kit, not quite restaurant take out.

Long-time Our Town Belfast supporters, Trillium Caterers, is best known for providing a delicious and memorable experience for their clients, which includes attention to the details and focus on  service.

For the past ten years, owners Abigale Avery and Michael Casby have lent their talents and reputation to Our Town Belfast’s two biggest fundraising events of the year; Dinner on the Armistice Footbridge and the Annual Auction.

When COVID-19 hit, large group gatherings were cancelled including many events that utilized catering services. When your business model is based on groups gathering, like so many great business owners have had to do, Trillium innovated and adapted. Drawing inspiration from a saying that they use at their house, “Be fancy to yourself”, meaning using the nice china for turkey sandwich or artfully plating your simple dinner of pasta with red sauce and lighting a candle at the table” explain Abigale and Michael.

Their innovation…Trilly, not quite a meal kit, not quite restaurant take out.

Imagine having a variety of delicious and flavorful finishing touches to add to your meals throughout the week. Or comforting yet interesting and nutritious, professionally crafted meals that can be heated at your convenience and finished by you with fresh herbs, bright acidity, and textural toppings. Trilly offers a variety of possibilities to supplement your weekly meals at home.

Abigale and Michael explain, “We’ve built our life around executing gatherings and creating memorable occasions for groups. Our attention to detail and our thoughtful touches are what make Trillium shine. This is our ethos and we apply it not only to our business, but to our everyday life. These opportunities to elevate even the simplest of occasions is what we live for, and is what we hope can translate over to the Trilly operation.” They apply the same approach to Trilly as they do to their catering operation: prep as much as possible in their kitchen facility and leave it to the home cook to finish the elements that will suffer in quality if they are done too early.

The highlights of the menu are the Ready to Finish options which take the majority of the work your hands, but leave the finishing touches to you. These items go from the fridge to your plate in 30 minutes or less and include instructions for heating and plating, as well as gorgeous garnishes. Other offerings include Easy Enhancers to elevate your weekly meals, decadent items from their Garde Manger section which can be grouped together for a luxurious spread, sweet and savory items from the Bake Shop (don’t miss the Tomato Focaccia!), and a curated selection of natural wines and specialty cocktails.

Place your order and pay online, and within a couple of days they safely deliver your order to your doorstep, contact-free