Interested in creating your own Please, Be Seated bench for downtown Belfast?  Download our call to artists (guidelines and details) and artists submission form from this page.  Happy sketching and happy seating!  Deadline for submissions is MARCH 18, 2014, received at the OTB office in person or via mail by 4pm that day.

The following is a tour in photos of previous years’ “Please, Be Seated” benches – crafted by local artisans and craftspeople, these benches are art to recline upon in beautiful downtown Belfast.  Thank you to our sponsors for continuing to support this project, especially the City of Belfast!

1. Front Row for Old Salts’ Tales by Anita Brosius-Scott (photo courtesy of Humans of Belfast)

2. Double Stoop by John Ianelli (photo by Tom Foster)

3. Catch a Wave by Michael Tracey and Bonnie Pierce (photo by Tom Foster)

4. Back Dive with a Twist by Ron Cowan

5. Tourist Traps courtesy of Hamilton Marine (photo by Tom Foster)

6. W-A-L-K by Judy Judkins

7. Retired by Ned Lightner and David Hurley (photo by Tom Foster)

8. Winter Weary by Anita Brosius-Scott (photo by Tom Foster)

9. Musical Chairs by Steve Wickenden

10. Birch Perch by Bob Nichols (photo by Tom Foster)

11. Stumped by Doug Malloy (photo by Tom Foster)

12. Upstream by Patrick Hurley (photos courtesy of “Humans of Belfast”)

13. Ornithopter by Cy Klausmeyer (photo by Breanna Pinkham Bebb)

14. Chill Out by Dave Crabiel (photo by Tom Foster)

15. Three Seater by John Ianelli (photo by Tom Foster)

16. The Nest by Megan and Emma Cullen (photos of Nico and Ana Sofia by Jack Holmes)

17. Flipped-OutBoard by Aedan Sheehan-McGrath (photo by Tom Foster)

18 and 19. Findesiecle and Old School by Alan Curry (photo by Tom Foster)

20. Speed Dating by James Wolfe (photo by Tom Foster)

21. Peas Be Seated by K. Ancona, T. Holland, and K. Wittman on behalf of the Belfast Area Transition Initiative (photos by Will Bebb and Tom Foster)

22. Driftwood by Ron Cowan (photo by Tom Foster)

23. Urban Soul by Patrick Hurley (not pictured)

24. Penny the Pig painted by Brenda Ventura (photo by Tom Foster)

25. Rock On Spruce Spring Seat by Michael Tracey and Bonnie Pierce (photo by Tom Foster)

26. Rustic Revival by Paul Jurutka (photo by Tom Foster)

27. One That Got Away by Jeff and Bryce Caldwell (photo by Tom Foster)

28. Going Nowhere by Michael Hurley (not pictured)

29. Buttkit Bench by Eric Leppanen (photo by Tom Foster)

30. Helping Hands by Helping Hands Family School (photo by Tom Foster)

31. Stone Banquette by Pierre LaRoche

32. The Greeter by Ron Cowan (photo by Tom Foster)

33. Rough Cut by Michael Hurley (photo by Tom Foster)

34. No Strings Attached by Brenda Ventura (photo by Tom Foster)

35. Isn’t It Grand by Brenda Ventura (photo by Tom Foster)